Handheld Liquid Particle Counter

Laser particle counter factory supply for the perfect,simple and easy to use tool for checking in particle counter areas.Which named air quality monitor ,air particle counter,airborne particle counter,handheld particle counter with best selling.

Product Details

Handheld liquid particle counter

Particle counter model 5016/5016A/5016AB/5015C same to handheld particle counter

Handheld liquid particle counter deatails:

1. Used for clean-room verification, clean bench verification, IAQ investigation, food process investigation, hospital surgical room.

2. Was built-in flow sensor (0.1 CFM +/- 10%)

3. Been Low Battery Alarm

4. Could Measure the class 100 to 300k environment.

5. Instrument uses the laser diode as the light source, LCD-panel displays, six different size ranges simultaneously.

6. The built-in printer can print count results.The counter can store 1000 samples data.

7. The Software creates data files for viewing or export to EXCEL sheet to computer.

8. Been Widely used in the fields of optics,precision machinery, biology, food and beverage,et

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