Powder Packaging Line/ Pharmaceutical Packing Machinery/equipment

Powder packaging line Application for Chemical Powder,Milk Powder,Flour,Salt,Spice Powder,talcum powder packaging machine which is the world's leading food processing and pharmaceutical machinery packaging solutions. We supply design and manufacture about packaging equipment.Factory with 42,000sqm meanwhile Exporting to 50+ countries.

Product Details

Powder packaging line pharmaceutical packing machinery equipement

Technological Process about packing machine

Artificial putting bag→Automatic supply, opening and clamping bag→Putting exhaust pipe into bag→Exhaust

mechanism works to pre discharge air of the bag→Automatic feeding by weighing machine →The first bag

pumping→Holding and shifting bag→The second opening, clamping bag and bag pumping→Holding and

shifting bag→Heat sealing→Product output

Packaging equipment function:

1. Weight-lost weigher ( including the feeding screw exhaust mechanism)

It’s suitable for weighing of the powder materials such as starch, milk powder, chemical raw materials, formula and feed additives etc.

• Single screw feeder driven by the servo motor, and two levels feeding ensure the accuracy.

• Full sealed state is applied to the connection between each part of the machine and the dedusting port reserved.

• Hopper is equipped with forced arch breaking device to prevent the powder overhead.

• Specialized exhaust mechanism is designed to improve the compactness of the material for the special characters of the users’ powder.

• Specialized feeding structure is taken to reduce the material gap.

• Precise control and high accuracy

Packaging machine specification:

Measurement speed

≥ 30~60 bags/h

Measurement accuracy

≤ ± 2‰

Measure range





304 stainless steel

2. Bag packaging machine packing line

The unit is composed of bag storage, taking and arranging device, feeding manipulator, clamping unload device, bag holding and shifting device, pocket guide device, vacuum system and control system.

• Suitable for flat plastic bag, paper and plastic syntactic bag

• Detection functions of no bag and entrainment.

• Precision components are sealed design, stable and reliable operation.

• Function of fault self-diagnosis and sound and light alarm. And the door shutdown protection device is also adopted to keep safety.

• Specialized auxiliary exhaust mechanism outside the bag is designed to reduce the opening range of the bag before filling and vent portion air. Reducing the twice mixed chance of powder materials and the air in the bag in the filling process and improving the packaging speed

• Twice exhaust mechanism is designed to improve the pumping speed. When in the second process, patting the bag is taken to avoid the loss of material and the second pollution of the pocket. Save cost and ensure measurement accuracy.

Pharmaceutical machinery details:


≥ 30~60 bags/h

Power supply

AC 380V 50Hz, 16kw


304 stainless steel

3. PE bag heat sealing machine

The machine adopts instantaneous heating mode, adjustable heating temperature and time. It also can automatically complete heat sealing and sealing packaging of bag with excellent performance and preventing pollution. This series uses advanced integration technology of optical, mechanical and electrical to realize automation and high efficiency.

Technical parameter

Sealing speed

80 bags/h

Packaging material

PE membrane

Material thickness of single layer (mm)

≤ 0.4

Sealing width (mm)


Temperature range(℃)


Heating power


4. Conveyor

Frequency control makes the bag which is output by packaging machine enter the sealing system steadily. And the height of conveyor is adjustable.

Technical parameter


continuously variable transmission (0~12) m/min

Conveyor length


Belt thickness




5. Control system

The system is responsible for linkage control among individual equipment of the production line. It equipped with function of fault protection and interlock, safety interlock device which is set by PLC to ensure emergency stop, RS485 communication port which is used for transmitting and monitoring all data to the main control room. Automatic packaging production line can realize automatic operation or manual operation.

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