Aseptic Automatic Liquid, Food , Pharmaceutical Packaging Line / Syetems

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Product Details

Aseptic automaticliquid,food,pharmaceutical packaging line /syetems

Commodity: automated packaging systems or pharmaceutical packaging line

Food packaging line details:

1. Acceptable for measurement and packaging of juice,ketchup, shampoo, cream, pesticide,chemical reagents and other liquid paste packing,combines measuring, bag making, sealing, printing and counting with complete automation

2. Intelligent photoelectric, automatic control and monioring system to perform stable and high production efficiency.

3. The system adopts automatic control and monitoring parts to achieve high efficiency and stable performance

4. Integrated controller to ensure the accurate and stable packaging process

5. Easy operation by digital displayers

6. Quick action and long service life

Aseptic packaging pic:

Automatic packaging line specification



Bag Length (mm)


Bag Width (mm)


Packaging Volume (ml)


Packaging Speed (bags/min)



380/220V 790/1000W

Overall Dimension (mm)


Overall Weight (kg)


Sealing Form

three side or four side

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