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Yogurt Fermentation In The Huge Market To Seize The Initiative

Jun 16, 2017

Yogurt Fermentation in the huge market to seize the initiative

   Yogurt Fermentation precision filter, the general use of a period of one year. If the filter resistance is too large or loss of filtration capacity affect the normal production, you need to clean or replace.

   Cleaning Yogurt Fermentation, please use a soft brush to brush, do not use a hard scrub, so as not to damage the surface of yogurt fermented, matching instruments should be checked once a year to ensure the normal use of electrical, instrumentation, sensors and other electrical equipment is strictly prohibited Water, steam contact, to prevent moisture. Equipment to stop using, should be promptly cleaned, exhausted Yogurt Fermentation and the remaining water in the pipeline; release Yogurt Fermentation tank cover and hand hole screws to prevent the permanent deformation of the ring.

   If the Yogurt Fermentation is not used, you need to empty the Yogurt Fermentation, side by side and inside the tank to ensure that all the pieces of equipment to run the normal use of the system. In the disinfection of the filter, the filter cartridge if damaged, loss of filtration capacity.

   Yogurt Fermentation in the fermentation process, in the real consumption process, the jacket through the steam preheating, you must control the inlet pressure in the equipment working pressure range, otherwise it will cause damage to Yogurt Fermentation. In the empty and real consumption, must be exhausted yogurt fermented jacket within the remaining water, otherwise it may lead to Yogurt Fermentation inside the cylinder flattened, resulting in equipment damage; in real consumption, but also lead to excessive condensate The culture medium is diluted, so that the process requirements can not be achieved.

   In the idle, the end of the cooling process, the implementation of negative Yogurt Fermentation is strictly prohibited, so as to avoid pollution, and even damage to the equipment, in the course of the operation, must maintain the pressure in the air pipe is greater than the Yogurt Fermentation tank pressure, otherwise Causing the liquid in the yoghurt fermentation to flow back into the filter, clogging the filter cartridge or failing the filter.

   Yogurt Fermentation tank and control box, air compressor, steam generator, mainly introduced tank and control box, all materials in contact with the metal parts, pipe materials are stainless steel, non-metallic parts require high temperature, corrosion, non-toxic , Environmental protection, needle valves, ball valves and cans can be configured with different performance of the controller, the controller can complete the most basic functions, which consists of the following parts:

   The yoghurt fermentation is used to input various parameters for controlling the fermentation conditions and to display the temperature of the culture medium in the tank during the fermentation. The electrode correction device is used to correct the pH electrode and the DO electrode. Alarm light and buzzer button, when the Yogurt Fermentation fermentation process, the circuit failure, such as the display screen temperature or DO is flashing, that is beyond the measured value of the machine, the alarm red light and issued a "tick, Beep ... ... "sound.

   Yogurt Fermentation automatic or manual control button to determine the controller is in the automatic control or manual control state, connecting wires, respectively, and pH, and temperature electrode connection. Yogurt Fermentation should be checked by two persons in a completely closed state.