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What Can Bioreactor Do Not Saccharify?

Sep 04, 2017

What can Bioreactor do not saccharify?
In the present life, the existence of electricity is already essential energy. Especially in the equipment above, it is indispensable in the use of Bioreactor if a sudden power failure, it should be how to deal with the mash of mash?
After the power failure can occur can not start stirring the motor situation, if the long time will not stir the mash will occur deposition phenomenon, it will adhere to the surface of the heating layer, affecting the heating. At this time should be organized with clean wood pulp, wood to stir, but should pay attention to the first cut off the motor power supply to prevent accidents caused by the call. Another method is to use direct steam heating, that is, with a long end of the porous tube of the long tube, a research and research to engage in clean steam, the porous ball into the mash, the steam from the hole in the discharge, both from To the stirring effect, but also played a heating effect, until the mash boiling only. And mash can be considered using manual manual pump or small open the oil machine driven mash pump workers, while in the mash pot mash area for artificial mixing, and use the paddle propeller to promote the rotation, as much as possible and mash after Of the mash temperature uniformity.
Bioreactors are essential in our lives, so should pay attention to the above issues, whether it is production or use should pay attention to the above problems. The Bioreactor lets drink the drink.
In the process of beer production, process hygiene is a very critical link. Beer is contaminated, it will lead to poor beer taste, serious will make the beer acid deterioration, resulting in economic losses. In order to ensure a good production environment, Bioreactor cleaning and sterilization is essential. CIP cleaning system is the most commonly used cleaning and sterilization equipment, its simple operation, cleaning and sterilization thoroughly.
The purpose of cleaning and the role is to remove the tank wall, the yeast on the pipeline, protein coagulation, hops resin, oxalate, tartrate, carbonate and other organic and inorganic substances to prevent non-biological pollution in beer production; And the role is to use the appropriate fungicide can kill bacteria, fungi and other microorganisms, to prevent the production of biological pollution in beer.
Bioreactor health: at room temperature, first with water for 10min pre-washing; and then configure 1% to 2% sodium hydroxide solution, heated to 80 ~ 85 ℃ CIP cycle 30min; followed by 90 ~ 95 ℃ heat Water for CIP cycle 30 ~ 40min.
Bioreactor health: fermented tank health conditions on the quality of beer a great impact on clean and sterile fermentation tank is the most basic requirements.
At room temperature, rinse directly with water; and then configure 2% to 4% of the alkaline solution, heated to 80 ~ 85 ℃ for Cmin cycle 30min; then rinse with water for 5 ~ 10min, then configure 1% to 2% nitric acid Or sulfuric acid solution at room temperature CIP cycle 30min; then rinse with water for 5 ~ 10min, at room temperature 0.35% to 0.5% of the fungicide for Cmin cycle 30min, and finally washed with sterile water to remove the remaining fungicide.
Wort Bioreactor hygiene: general brewery on the wort Bioreactor are alkaline washing, the frequency of cleaning needs to be arranged properly, because the wort will be condensed when the precipitation of a considerable amount of protein, hops, etc., accumulated in the Cooling plate between the heat exchange effect, reduce the cooling flow, followed by the quality of beer has also been affected, such as color deepening, bitter taste and so on. After the alkali was washed, the residual lye was washed off with hot water.