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we supply full automatical controlling system bioreactor , from 30L to 30KL

Apr 08, 2017

Brief info about the bioreactor:

This system is designed with the spirit of mass production process to apply the system in the pilot scale for the test production to the mass production in the small scale plant.

  • System can be washed and repaired easily as the head      plate lifting system is adapted in the standard specification.

  • The pH, DO, temperature and rotation speed of the      agitator are measured and controlled by the integrated controller system.

  • The temperature of the vessel is measured by the RTD      (Pt-100) and controlled by the digital PID control algorithm.

  • The DC servo motor or AC geared motor is installed      on the top of the head plate and the carbon-tungsten carbide mechanical      seal protects the agitation system from the contamination.

  • The air driven diaphragm style valve protects from contamination      and easy to wash and make maintenance.

Bioreactor Vessel

  • Stainless steel (SUS 316L) is used to prevent      contamination and rusting.

  • Water jacket system is adopted for precise      temperature control.

  • sight glass makes to monitor the status of the      media.

  • Redundant ports are installed on the head plate that      the auxiliary sensor can be installed.

  • Sensor ports are made in the circumferential      direction on the lower side of the vessel.