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We Provide Turnkey Project Of Equipment For The Manufacturing Insulin

Dec 27, 2017

We Provide Turnkey Project of Equipment for the manufacturing insulin


 Equipment for production insulin is used in medical facilities, pharmacy, microbiology, etc. At works on the principle by reverse denaturation at which renews the natural structure.



Standard equipment:

1.Fermentors combination system         

2. Micro-filtration system  / Ultra-filtration system    

3. Centrifugal separation system      

4. Concentrate  System       

5. Freeze dryer system

6. Automatic packaging unit

7. Automatic labeling system 

8. Automatic marking unit             

9. Binning unit   

10. Storage unit    


For the pharmaceutical and food industry is particularly important accuracy, precision, sterility and hygien.

All machines and production lines are manufactured according to international regulations and GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) and pass quality test.


Equipment for the production of insulin is triple-jacket tank made of stainless steel 316, all parts that are in contact with the product are made of SS 304.


The stirrer consists of a vertical mixing propeller with variable speed and mechanical seal.




What we offer:


Creating of manufacturing process:

- technological planning

- manufacturing and delivering of equipment

- mounting

- adjustment and commissioning

- training of personnel

- warranty and after sales service


We also accept reconstruction - technological improvement of manufacturing process using engineering solutions, producing of innovative, automatic and cost saving equipment.

Modernization - updating of equipment (changing for more compact and energy saving equipment).


After sales service:

- consulting

- equipment diagnosis

- repairing (any kind of difficulty)

- spare parts supply

- modernization

- reinstallation of units

- training of personnel

- emergency repairing