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The Use Of Laboratory Freeze Dryer

Jun 23, 2017

The use of Laboratory Freeze Dryer
 In fact, the Laboratory Freeze Dryer is mainly by the refrigeration system with the vacuum system and heating system, including electrical control system combination of a machine. Since freeze-dried, there will certainly be a dry box and a freezer unit. Of course there are some other parts. In fact, there are many ways to dry, such as dried, boiled or vacuum drying and so on. Drying warehouse transparent door material is aerospace acrylic, is a high-strength material, there will be no leakage of the situation. And this has a partition cooling function. Under normal circumstances, the Laboratory Freeze Dryer are used in international brand-name compressor, so the overall operating efficiency is relatively stable, and the noise is very small. Another electric putter need to tell you that the Laboratory Freeze Dryer can be washed after the nitrogen dry to save. Drying and freezer has a freeze-drying automatic control system. This system can be programmed to be fully automated. In addition to the main screen is used in industrial touch screen, human-computer interaction.
We need some attention to the use of laboratory freeze-drying machines. Here to give you a detailed introduction. First, we in the sample when the pre-freeze, to check the sample can not contain organic solvents or acids; samples to use plastic containers City defense, do not use beakers, the other container surface area to a large thickness; samples in the ultra-low temperature refrigerator inside the temperature choice in the -40 ° C, to pre-freeze 3 to 8 hours. When we are connected to the Laboratory Freeze Dryer power, we must put the dryer inside the water drained, and wipe the rubber ring with a rag, pay attention to not have particles attached. There is also a socket with 16A. In addition, the geomembrane business, we start the cooling time, automatically start the vacuum pump will be pre-frozen samples out, and then open the sample chamber valve, the pre-frozen sample on the sample room. If we find that frost becomes ice, this is a normal phenomenon, do not worry. After you close the sample chamber valve, start the vacuum pump.
What is the composition of the Laboratory Freeze Dryer? What is the usefulness of the Laboratory Freeze Dryer? What are the characteristics of the Laboratory Freeze Dryer? Xiaobian today to one by one for you to answer some of the above on the Laboratory Freeze Dryer equipment problems. First of all the first question, the composition of the Laboratory Freeze Dryer is mainly the following several systems. The first is the refrigeration system of the Laboratory Freeze Dryer, the second is the Laboratory Freeze Dryer vacuum system, the third component is the Laboratory Freeze Dryer heating system, and the fourth component is Laboratory Control System for Laboratory Freeze Dryer. In addition to the four systems described above, the Laboratory Freeze Dryer also contains other devices, such as dryers, condensers, and vacuum pumps. What is the usefulness of the Laboratory Freeze Dryer? The biggest use of electric hoist is to carry out drying, in many industries have used Laboratory Freeze Dryer equipment. For example, the pharmaceutical industry, such as the food industry, as well as the blood products industry and so on.