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The Proper Cleaning Method For Beer Brewing Equipment

Aug 22, 2017

The proper cleaning method for Beer Brewing Equipment

Because often need to contact with the material, beer Beer Brewing Equipment will always be unwittingly accumulated accumulation of many fouling. This has a great impact on the quality of the beer produced. In order to improve and maintain the quality of beer, in the production, not only to learn the correct beer production technology, but also learn the correct Beer Brewing Equipment cleaning method.

First, clean the pipeline

In order to enhance the cleaning effect, in the cleaning of beer Beer Brewing Equipment in the pipeline, should pay attention to play its mechanical role. In order to receive a better cleaning effect, in the use of heat cleaning fluid, the flow rate should be controlled to one to one five meters per second; in the use of cold cleaning fluid, according to the diameter to determine the different flow rate The At the same time, for CO₂ and compressed air piping and its accessories, the cleaning problem should also be taken seriously.

Second, clean the heat exchanger

In principle, the cleaning heat exchanger and the cleaning line are the same. In the normal operating state, the medium in the heat exchanger is the flow state, so that if you want to have a better cleaning effect, you should use the original design flow of 20 to 30 percent higher than the cleaning fluid To clean the heat exchangers in the Beer Brewing Equipment.

Third, clean the tank

You can use an automatic washer to clean the tank in the Beer Brewing Equipment. There are two types of cans: mechanical, spray type. If the Beer Brewing Equipment is dirty or the diameter of the tank is relatively large, this situation is suitable for mechanical cans, because its outlet pressure can increase, you can increase the cleaning strength, increase the cleaning radius. Compared to the spray cans, mechanical cans in the use of cleaning fluid flow lower.

Fourth, cleaning equipment and machinery for Beer Brewing Equipment

The cleaning of the Beer Brewing Equipment and the machine is not a fixed method, according to the normal equipment to clean the normal cleaning steps on it.

The proper cleaning method for Beer Brewing Equipment is here for you. In the process of beer production, the production and precipitation of impurity dirt is always inevitable, so it is very important to master the proper cleaning method of beer Beer Brewing Equipment. Hope to read the above you can have a better understanding of how to properly clean the Beer Brewing Equipment.

The fermenter tank in the Beer Brewing Equipment is provided with a cooling jacket, which is provided as follows: There is a cooling jacket in the cone part of the tank with two to three cooling sleeves. The benefits of this setting are not only to ensure that the cooling capacity to meet the relevant requirements, but also help to precipitate and save yeast.

In the Beer Brewing Equipment, the fermentation tank has a cone bottom, the angle of sixty degrees to ninety degrees. This design can help the operator to easily recover the yeast after fermentation. In addition, it is generally used to produce yeast with good coagulation properties, so that the beer produced is kept well filtered.

Beer Beer Brewing Equipment in the cone bottom tank use more, can be used for the following fermentation, can also be used for the above fermentation. At present, many beer manufacturers have begun to use the bottom cone for the above fermentation, for the production of wheat beer.

Because the conical bottom tank in the Beer Brewing Equipment is sealed, it can be used not only as a fermentor but also as a storage tank. Recycled CO₂ can be used for it and can be used for CO₂ washing.

Beer Beer Brewing Equipment in the conical tank is relatively high, the yeast cohesive performance will be easy to calm down, and the cohesive performance of the weak need to use other methods to use the production staff to separate them.

In addition, in the beer Beer Brewing Equipment in the fermentation tank, the wine has a relatively strong natural convection, because the higher the tank is more intense convection. In general, the capacity of the tank, the shape and control of the cooling system can affect the strength of the convection. The above is the introduction of Beer Brewing Equipment characteristics. Understand the characteristics of beer Beer Brewing Equipment in order to better operate beer Beer Brewing Equipment, improve the quality of beer to produce better quality beer.