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The Characteristics Of Beer Brewing Equipment

Jul 10, 2017

The characteristics of Beer Brewing Equipment

Beer Brewing Equipment co., LTD. Has shown that Beer Brewing Equipment is developing in a diversified and pure biochemical direction with the improvement of people's living standard and the change of consumption concept. Brewing beer is a kind of low-alcohol drink made from fine wheat bud, which is made by scientific method.

Wheat-beer is a fermented beer made of at least 50% of wheat sprouts, with a concentration of at least 10%. Because of the lighter color of wheat beer, Beer Brewing Equipment fresh flavor and pure flavor, it is welcomed by more and more consumers and has a broad development prospect.

1. The type of wheat beer

1. Yeast turbidity wheat beer (yeast wheat beer) : directly adjust the contents of the extract and the number of yeast in the bottle directly before filling, and demand accurate operation.

2. Crystal clear wheat beer: clear and bright wheat beer with no yeast after filtration.

The main characteristics of wheat beer

1. High co2 content, 6 g/litre - 10 g/litre or 0.8 % - 1.0%, can give drinkers a cool and comfortable feeling.

2. Rich in foam, Beer Brewing Equipment white and delicate and good in foam holding. The bubble hold sex can generally reach more than 250 seconds.

3. Pure and unique fragrance. Because of the high content of ester, advanced alcohol and certain phenolic compounds, it brings elegant flavor to wheat beer. If the beer is given fruit, floral, clove, etc.

4. Wheat beer, Beer Brewing Equipment as a refreshing drink with low alcohol accuracy, can quench your thirst more than other beverages.

Wheat beer can bring good taste to the drinker, and the taste of wheat beer can make the drinker have the desire to drink continuously.

Wheat beer can promote digestion. Because a small amount of alcohol and released carbon dioxide in wheat beer can accelerate the activity of digestive enzymes in the body.

Wheat beer has a diuretic effect because of its composition and potassium.

Drinking wheat beer can help you get more sleep. A small amount of alcohol in a person's intake of beer can have a calming effect in a very short period of time. A small amount of beer doesn't cause fatigue, but it can relax and rule out mental stress. Alcohol can help you sleep faster if you feel tired in advance.

9. Because yeast stores large quantities of B vitamins (especially vitamin B1, B2), Beer Brewing Equipment drinking unfiltered, yeast - rich beer is better for your health.

10. Long shelf life. Enzyme preparation and wheat juice clarification technology can effectively remove excess protein in beer, thereby prolonging its shelf life.

 When brewing Beer Brewing Equipment of dissolved carbon dioxide promotes the foamability of beer, give beer to kill mouth feel, is beneficial to prevent the oxidation of beer, makes the bitter taste of beer more downy. High concentration dilution method produces beer, can increase capacity, reduce cost. But there is a problem of insufficient CO2 in the control. CO2 in the late fermentation with the increase of the wine storage pressure and lower temperature, CO2 solubility increases, wine because of the pressure change during the process of filtering and adding CO2 in the process of dilution, can cause the change of CO2 solubility.