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Select Reason To Freeze Dryer

Feb 10, 2017

Traditional dry can damage cells, material shrinkage, freeze drying process of thestructure will not be corrupted, because the ice on the solids content was, in its seat supports. When the ice sublimated, he will leave a void in the dry residues. Thenmaintained the integrity of biological and chemical structure and biological activityof the product.

In the laboratory, freeze-drying has many different uses, he is indispensable in many biochemical and pharmaceutical applications, it is used for access to a long period of biological materials, such as bacterial culture, blood, enzymes, pharmaceuticals, in addition to long-term preservation of stability, still retains its inherent biological activity and structure. Therefore, freeze-drying is used to prepare for research (such as the electron microscope study) of the sample, freeze dried is also usedin chemical analysis, it can gain dry samples, or analysis of enrichment of samplesin order to increase sensitivity. Stability of freeze-dried sample components, nor does it need to change the chemical composition, is ideal for analysis of AIDS.