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Research On Bioreactor Suitable For Production

Jun 16, 2017

Research on Bioreactor Suitable for Production

   Bioreactor stainless steel tank body, the tank without dead ends, spherical bottom of the tank can get better fluid performance, the best mixing effect, long glass mirror, easy to observe the state of the tank, the special design of the mirror light interface , Easy to operate, safe.

   Bioreactor multi-valve combination design sterile sampling and discharge mouth, tank top, including the mouth, feeding mouth, foam electrode interface, exhaust condenser interface, and a number of spare ports. Bioreactor Pipeline valves are made of stainless steel, food, fermentation special health pipeline valves, in the realization of the full function of the premise, to simplify the pipeline design, reduce the chance of bacteria, reasonable structure, beautiful and generous.

   Bioreactor with direct drive mechanical stirring or magnetic drive mechanical mixing, stepless speed regulation, can be stable at lower and higher speed operation, there will be no idle or slippery phenomenon, accurate speed. Bioreactor Stirring standards are available in closed six-blade, and there are many other types of paddles to choose from, such as oblique paddle propeller, turboprop, arrow paddle, snail paddle, open rape and so on.

   The bioreactor agitator is adjustable in position and can be combined with other paddles to obtain the best fluid type and a reasonable baffle design that can effectively eliminate the vortices generated during agitation and obtain a higher secondary flow, So that the heat and mass transfer rate greatly improved. Bioreactor is a mature, stable, general-purpose PLC, can be suitable for a variety of automation applications, suitable for manufacturing process control process research.

   Bioreactor modularity, easy to achieve distributed configuration and easy to master and so on, Siemens PLC control core has become the implementation of biological reaction process control is both economic and advanced control system. Bioreactor automatic sterilization, tank automatic cleaning, cans automatically upgrade the three processes and can calculate the indirect parameters.

   The bioreactor accurately calculates the online indirect parameters and can display a number of different parameters simultaneously on the same coordinate plane; accurately shows the material balance and change in the bioreactor, which facilitates the user to analyze the correlation of the fermentation process to help the user The appropriate control points, to achieve the purpose of the pilot step to enlarge. The bioreactor can input the test data of total sugar, reducing sugar, amino nitrogen, bacteria concentration, fermentation unit and so on, and generate the corresponding curve under the online process parameter curve.