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Prolong The Service Life Of Freeze Dryer

Sep 12, 2017

Prolong the service life of Freeze Dryer

Freeze Dryer is a kind of equipment for drying. But freezing dryer method is used by vacuum Freeze Dryer, this method is of no ordinary dry that will make things dry cause irreversible damage, can well protect the items in the dry. Freeze Dryer machine is a kind of product that meets the needs of users. People all know one thing, that's something to dry or exposure in the sun, or air drying, and drying, spray drying, vacuum drying, etc, these are some dry can be selected by the way. But the normal drying method is basically done at more than 0 degrees, and the products or things you get after drying are basically stiff, and then the volume shrinks. What's more, the volatile components of the product or the dried things are basically volatilised, and there are even some things that might be oxidized. So sometimes it's very inappropriate to do this kind of drying, and then you need to use a Freeze Dryer.
These years, Freeze Dryer vendors would have been in research and development of new technology and new products, draw lessons from the experiences of the domestic and foreign counterparts, the Freeze Dryer machine equipment have higher technical content, the most obvious sign is freezing dryer a longer service life. Secondly, the production process of Freeze Dryer machine is more advanced. After a long study, they have explored the advanced production process and production process, improved the production efficiency of the Freeze Dryer equipment, and reduced the production cost for the enterprises. Third, insist on higher quality standards. The Freeze Dryer factory has set stricter standards than the industry, making the quality of the Freeze Dryer machine stand the test.
In food processing, medical and other industries, the use of Freeze Dryer machine equipment is common, for Freeze Dryer machine enterprises, would like to extend the service life of Freeze Dryer machine equipment, after all, can help freeze drier enterprises to reduce operating costs. Some methods for extending the service life of Freeze Dryer machine are collected by consulting a staff member of the Freeze Dryer machine factory for reference.
In their view, extending the service life of the Freeze Dryer is not a problem, but it can be done in the following three ways.
First, familiar with the use of Freeze Dryer. Before the first use of Freeze Dryer machine, it is required to organize staff to learn operation rules and strictly follow the standard operation so as to avoid blind operation failure.
Second, check the working condition of Freeze Dryer frequently. On the one hand, check that the Freeze Dryer is clean and clear some magazines or dirt in time. On the other hand, the Freeze Dryer machine should be inspected and maintained regularly, especially to remove rust in time.
Third, pay attention to the technical parameters of the Freeze Dryer. Once the parameter exception is found, troubleshooting is required. When necessary, request the refrigeration factory home to provide technical guidance.
The development of Freeze Dryer machine has undergone a long history. It has been difficult and full of challenges. The invention and application of Freeze Dryer machine have brought convenience to industrial production and have made great contribution to improving the efficiency of industrial production. Freeze Dryer machine in the process of production will start from the internal structure is not following the improvement, developing new technology, update the configuration, performance, to adapt to can continue to work in a variety of environment, to provide a steady stream of clean air source for industrial production.
The Freeze Dryer has a considerable position in the industry and its technical level is quite mature. Compressed air after Freeze Dryer machine in the compressed air from the sometimes look to the water but sometimes not, under normal circumstances the moisture in the air and the air temperature is proportional to the, so the temperature dropped the moisture in the air will precipitate the formation of water droplets must have relationship with pipeline, not enough time where cooling water, is too much moisture in the air, over the ability of the Freeze Dryer, dry weather.
Freeze Dryer machine Generally can reach 5 degrees of dew point pressure, temperature is above 5 degrees no visible drainage, drainage has a problem, but due to the front of the test liquid water into the Freeze Dryer or front end moisture content, the processing capacity of more than machine the backend will have water, theory and line length, and temperature and pressure have a certain relationship.
Freeze Dryer machine how to judge the lack of freon, runtime by hand touch compressor, hot the following position for fluoride liquid position, Freeze Dryer machine downtime when summer refrigerant low pressure 7 to 10 kilograms, winter 4-6 kg; The most direct method is the airway frosting at the outlet of the compressor.
Why does the Freeze Dryer machine suddenly jump off the brakes after it is turned on?
The main interest may be the wire leakage or the heat protection current setting value is too small, check the line, and then restart the switch to try out the market reaction. You can try a Freeze Dryer that you don't use, so you won't jump.