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Pakistan Customer Visit Factory For Citric Acid Production Line Equipment

Dec 12, 2017

Citric Acid Production Line

SiDoLim, Silver Double Limited is a worldwide leading OEM manufacturer and supplier of measuring instruments and automation solutions for the industrial process, engineering industry, chemicals and petrochemicals industries, and paper making industries, metallurgy and so on, and is focused on providing advanced, state-of-the-art products for our customers. We are also committed to producing cost-effective, accurate, rugged, and reliable monitors and control solutions at reasonable prices.

1. Introduction of Citric Acid Production Line:

Different material will use different fermentation method:

No.Fermenting methodRaw material
1Submerged fermentationHydrolysate liquid of starch and amyloid material, glucose and its mother liquor, sugar, molasses, NPH(normal paraffin hydrocarbon)
2shallow tray fermentationSame with Submerged fermentatio, but need to dregs
3Solid fermentationPotato starch residue, starch containing raw material, grain processing foot material
4Semisolid fermentationFruit processing residue, residue, waste material
5Biochemical reactor
Glucose solution

Consider about the capacity, we have batch type fermenter, semi-continuous fermenter, and full continous fermenter.

2. Related production line we can manufacturing:

     1. Insulin Production Line    

     2. Vaccine Production Line

     3. Antibiotics Production Line

     4. Lysine Production Line  

     5. Biological Health Drinks Production Line(e.g. hericium drinks)

     6. Any Shape of Tablet Production Line

3. Service of us:

    1. give us the detail requirements, we provide the perfect proposal of fermentation system.

    2. we can provide the fermentation production line technology flow drawing, installation drawing, building drawing, etc..

    3. we accept inspection before shipping.

    4. we provide installation and guide you with usage in site by our eningeer.

    5. we will ensure the success of installation and commission.

    6. gurantee time: 1 year

4. Welcome inquiry and  visit our factory:

    1. please give me what you are going to fermentation?

    2. what's the handling capacity?

    3. do you have your own production technoloy?

    Then Yoli make the right proposal for you.