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Microbial Fermentation Is A New Generation Of High-tech Products

Jun 16, 2017

Microbial Fermentation is a new generation of high-tech products

    Microbial Fermentation of the basic conditions of mechanical stirring Microbial Fermentation is the use of mechanical agitator role, so that the air and fermentation liquid fully mixed to promote the oxygen dissolved in the fermentation broth to ensure the supply of microbial growth and reproduction, fermentation required oxygen, also known as general Microbial Fermentation.

    Microbial Fermentation such as the inlet and outlet pipe joints without leakage, when the tightening joints do not solve the problem, should increase or replace the feed, pressure gauge and safety valve should be checked regularly, if the failure to timely exchange or repair. When cleaning the Microbial Fermentation, please use a soft brush to clean, do not use a scraper, so as not to damage the surface of Microbial Fermentation, supporting instruments should be verified once a year to ensure the normal role.

    Electrical appliances, instruments, sensors and other electrical equipment is strictly prohibited directly with water, steam contact to prevent moisture, Microbial Fermentation to stop using, should be promptly cleaned, row of Microbial Fermentation and the remaining water in the pipeline; release Microbial Fermentation tank cover and hand Hole screws to prevent permanent deformation of the ring. Operating platform, constant temperature water tank and other carbon steel equipment should be regularly brush paint to prevent corrosion, often check the reducer oil quality, such as lubrication is not enough, to be added in time.

    Regularly replace the Microbial Fermentation reducer lubricants to extend its service life, if the Microbial Fermentation is not used, you need to Microbial Fermentation for empty, side by side and inside the pipeline. Microbial Fermentation structure is tight, can withstand repeated sterilization of the steam, the inner wall is smooth, corrosion resistance is good, in order to facilitate the sterilization and reduce the metal ions on the biological reaction.

    Microbial Fermentation has a good gas-liquid-solid contact and mixing performance and efficient heat, mass, momentum transfer performance, to maintain the biological response requirements under the premise of reducing the energy consumption of Microbial Fermentation. Microbial Fermentation has good heat exchange performance, in order to maintain the optimum temperature of biological reactions, there are viable piping ratio and instrument control, suitable for sterilization and automation control.

    Open the Microbial Fermentation of acid water valve, return valve, booster pump before the pump 1 minute to open, acid cleaning fluid cycle cleaning 1 cycle, close the alkaline inlet valve, return valve. And then open the water inlet valve, drain Yan wash the tank after a cycle, to be detected pH was neutral to complete the clean, close the two valves. Each cleaning a beer Microbial Fermentation, the need to add drugs to the washing tank before the next tank can be cleaned, alkaline cleaning solution to add the appropriate proportion of high-performance alkaline cleaning agent, caustic soda.