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How To Choose A Good Beer Brewing Equipment

Aug 02, 2017

How to choose a good Beer Brewing Equipment
The saying goes, "good work, we must first of its profits," engaged in the brewing career is not a good Beer Brewing Equipment, such as blunt knife cut vegetables, more harm than good. So how to determine the brewing equipment is good or bad? Beijing Shi Mi Liwei to support the.
Good brewing equipment not only has the convenience of operation, durable features, but also should have the following advantages:
(A) the speed of the wine
Stressed that the wine is not just because of the time to save time, fast that liquor equipment cooler function is outstanding, can quickly cool the wine after the wine from the wine out of the mouth, and wine steam cooling faster, the corresponding wine steam Lost less What is more important is that the cooling effect of the fast liquor equipment can cut the tail wine. This is why? Because the process of all the distillation of liquor is the use of liquor and water boiling point is not the same principle to get liquor, with the brewing equipment, heating, the more the number of alcohol behind the more low, also That is, the tail will increase a lot. Poor design of liquor equipment is so: the white wine has reached 72 degrees of boiling point has become a wine steam, but can not cool so there is equipment, with the constant heating, gradually more and more water transpiration, so the wine steam Was weakened. At this time the cooler began to gradually wine, so the wine steam and water vapor mixture, the degree of natural liquor becomes low. The rush technology of the cooling system is to obtain national patents, not only to the rapid wine, and cut the liquor tail. Customers can on-site verification of my company liquor equipment, wine rate, the speed of wine and the excellent quality of wine.
(B) the quality of wine is high
Excellent Beer Brewing Equipment wine with a white wine, Miantian refreshing, pure wine quality characteristics. I brewed beer equipment by the national statutory part of the test, the quality of wine to reach the national level product specifications. Equipment supporting clinker high yield of wine for the special wine song, the production of fragrant material ability, strong ability to sour, can be completely saccharification of any biological starch, sugar will be fully fermented into wine, is a pure biological compound preparation. It is this wine song wine fragrance, taste thick, and can greatly improve the rate of wine. Winter does not break nine, summer is not rest, to solve the safety of wine over the summer winter doubt.
In the present life, the existence of electricity is already essential energy. Especially in the equipment above, it is indispensable, in the use of Beer Brewing Equipment if a sudden power failure, it should be how to deal with the mash of mash?
After the power failure can occur can not start stirring the motor situation, if the long time will not stir the mash will occur deposition phenomenon, it will adhere to the surface of the heating layer, affecting the heating. At this time should be organized with clean wood pulp, wood to stir, but should pay attention to the first cut off the power of the motor to prevent accidents caused by the call. Another method is to use direct steam heating, that is, with a long end of the porous tube of the long tube, a research and research to engage in clean steam, the porous ball into the mash, the steam from the hole in the spray, both from To the stirring effect, but also played a heating effect, until the mash boiling only. And mash can consider the use of artificial manual pump or small open the oil drive mash pump workers, while in the mash pot mash area for artificial mixing, and use the paddle to promote the mash to rotate, as much as possible and mash after Of the mash temperature uniformity.
Beer Brewing Equipment in our lives is essential, so should pay attention to the above issues, whether it is production or use should pay attention to the above problems. Beer Brewing Equipment to drink like a drink.