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How Can The Freeze Dryer Be Maintained?

Jul 01, 2017

How can the Freeze Dryer be maintained?
 Maintenance and maintenance, is to extend the life of frozen dryer, to avoid premature consumption of parts life, the best way to protect. Usually in the work, the main components, to focus on maintenance and conservation, today Xiaobian and we detailed overview , Hope to be familiar with, be able to promptly correct their own incorrect maintenance mode.First is the line, especially in the external lines exposed to avoid contact with broken and insulation coefficient decline and so on, hope to check in time, once abnormal , The timely replacement of the new ground wire, only this special product, life and safety factor is guaranteed.Freeze Dryer fan, as is also an important part of the timely cleaning, to prevent dust to stay. Frozen dryer long-term operation, Longer use, will make the fan inside the accumulation of a lot of dust and pollutants, will increase the fan noise, so only clean and clean, can effectively reduce the noise. Dusty fan, will increase energy consumption, is not conducive to exhaust. So usually in the work, once the fan suction phenomenon occurs, it is necessary to arrange the time, the Freeze Dryer fan cleaning.
In the dry service equipment is very large, the working principle is also a significant difference and different, such as freeze-drying machine, is one of the species. Today Xiaobian and we simply outlined that the safe use of frozen dryer common sense. , The protection of life and protection, there can not be replaced by the link to regulate the operation to avoid equipment failure, but also can effectively prevent the performance and efficiency of each boot before use, machine inspection, troubleshooting and failure to ensure that equipment can The performance and composition of the Freeze Dryer is very good, its composition to a large extent have a significant upgrade. Small roller manufacturers to tell you that in the future when there is an exception, such as noise, shaking, etc., To immediately stop, wait until after troubleshooting, can fully play an advantage, to avoid unnecessary safety problems. Arrange the professional staff to operate the Freeze Dryer.
 Freeze Dryer how to maintain, common sense and precautions are what, today Xiaobian and we detailed overview, hope that after fully familiar with, be able to correct their own understanding in the maintenance and maintenance before the basis of the composition of the Freeze Dryer, The main system has two parts, namely the refrigeration system, the vacuum system in two parts. Similarly, the two systems are also the focus of our maintenance and maintenance. Vacuum system maintenance, from the regular replacement of the vacuum pump oil began , To ensure the performance of the vacuum pump before the start of the vacuum pump should check whether the normal oil level, the normal control in the half of the position on it, and every time the work will be consumed, if too little, please add the refrigeration system maintenance Is the focus, because the parts constitute a lot, so if you do not pay attention to regulate it, will cause increased wear. Compressors, water-cooled condenser, etc., are the most basic parts. Daily routine inspection, check the Freeze Dryer All parts of the valve is open, the compressor pressure is within the normal range, there are abnormal problems, timely processing.