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Freeze Dryer Start Step

Jul 17, 2019

Laboratory Freeze Dryer start step
 For Laboratory Freeze Dryers, it is made up of a number of components, including refrigeration units, vacuum pumps, condensers, dry boxes, cold, heating and other equipment.If your friends want to use the Laboratory Freeze Dryer , Then we must first understand some of it, so as to know how to operate the machine properly. Today Xiaobian to talk about the use of the method, so that friends more understanding of the Laboratory Freeze Dryer. Need to pay attention to some of the details, First of all to the left side of the chassis of the total power switch to open, the above pressure can not be too large, nor too small, need to 110PK or so. Then press the control panel above the switch, as long as more than three seconds, so the above shows Digital to the actual temperature in the cold trap in order to ensure the normal use of the refrigerator, you need to preheat 30 minutes in advance, so that it will not be a problem.When the start of the refrigerator, you can put Yang Ping on the shelf, with organic Glass cover, the vacuum pump can not forget to start, then as long as the patience to wait for all the stability of the pressure value, while the record table to fill in the temperature and pressure values on it. Freeze dryer chamber power all of the steps
What kind of equipment, after long-term use are the need for maintenance, which Laboratory Freeze Dryer is no exception, because the laboratory freeze drying opportunities will be frequent business time, it can bring a lot of business interests, So in order to extend the service life, you need to carry out regular maintenance, the following to see it. First, the operator to change the grease as required. Because only clean and pollution-free grease, in order to allow the machine to play it all Performance, so it can not be taken lightly.Also in the Laboratory Freeze Dryer replacement time is determined according to the compression temperature, if the compression temperature is relatively high, then replace the oil time will advance in. Under normal circumstances running 10,000 hours later, work Personnel will look at the situation of lubricants, if it is a new compressor, after the start of the two thousand hours later, it is necessary to replace the grease but also to clean the filter. After the regular use of the inspection can be done, if the operation The environment is better, do not often change the oil, after 20,000 hours for some on the line.In addition to ensure the quality of some oil, in the replacement should pay attention Between the length of time the oil is not exposed to air below.
In the dry service equipment is very large, the working principle is also a significant difference and different, such as Laboratory Freeze Dryer, is one of the species. Today Xiaobian and we simply outlined that the Laboratory Freeze Dryer safe use of common sense . The operation of the standard, the protection of life and protection, there can not be replaced by the link, regulate the operation to avoid equipment failure, can also effectively prevent the performance and efficiency of the decline.Every time before use, machine inspection, troubleshooting and fault , To ensure that the equipment can play a greater degree of advantage. Laboratory Freeze Dryer performance and composition is very good, its composition to a large extent have a significant upgrade. Small roller manufacturers to tell you that in the future when used in the event of an exception, Such as noise, shaking, etc., to immediately stop, until after troubleshooting, can fully play the advantages, to avoid unnecessary safety problems. Arrange the professional staff to operate the Laboratory Freeze Dryer.