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Freeze Dryer Leaking Fluorine Treatment

Feb 10, 2017

Most intuitive table facies is the pressure gauge to zero. F leakage to locate leak, leak needs to be patient and carefully approach. Is this: using Visual method, openthe box of the machine plate observe the inside of the machine, due to the refrigerant in the running, compressor lubricating oil mixed in it, if freon is leaking oil out,then look inside the machine, if there is a sheet of oil spill, it is likely to be missed.Then check the capillary copper tube of the inside of the machine, that is, those below 6 mm copper tube and pipe, there is no break. After the adoption of these basic checks, where there is doubt mark. Then filling pressure of inert gas is neededto confirm the leak location. Best pressure with nitrogen under conditions of no nitrogen gas freon is OK, no oxygen pressure leak, it was dead. What freon gas, big brother does not know, that is the freon cylinder upright, from the upper valve is the freon gas, whereas liquid freon valve of the cylinder face down.

Insurance pressure Shi, began should slow joined gas, side pressure side observation cold dry machine of cold Media table pressure (small cubic only cold media low voltage table, 15 cubic above has level pressure two only cold Media table), pressure to 0.2Mpa (2.0kgf) around Shi temporarily stop, then carefully listening to Xia machine internal has whether leak of voice, if has on can by voice where at found leak points. If it did not continue to pressure to 0.4-0.5Mpa. then find sponges dipped in soapy water, where there is doubt check, and then check the inside of themachine all even accepted children of (brass nut). If there is a leak, there will be abubble gun blown out, this process needs to be very careful. If the above methodis not found the leak location, unfortunately, is likely to be within the evaporator leaking. Evaporator drain is too much trouble to deal with. Must first be confirmed through refrigeration system evaporator and disconnected, and then separate holding to confirm, if found after holding pressure can be determined separately.

Yet another approach is relatively simple, is to open the import of compressed air,if the refrigerant pressure tables pressure has risen over time, it can sure refrigeration system connected with the air system, because they only exchanged parts is the evaporator. So can determine evaporator leak.

Found in dryer after the leak is to fill gaps, according to the different leak, trumpetloosened for these leaks, simply use the wrench fastening accordingly, if it is a leakof copper tube type, you need to use brazing. Brazing of trapping is the most common refrigeration service industry skills, so-called soldering is oxygen and acetylene flame to heat the lower silver electrode and welding requirements, allowing the electrodes and welding parts fused together and make leak plugged. Solderingcooling system pressure relief should be zero when, and then used acetylene brazing torch opened first, lit include oxygen, slowly adjust the proportions of oxygen and acetylene to make the flame into a neutral flame-oxidizing atmosphere, and then heating the welding position and the silver electrode dissolved the two together.Specific methods needed by the train master. After the leak, again holding on thesystem, to verify successful trapping welding.

Trapping is completed, the system needs to be vacuumed, then add liquid freon provides quality (reference number specific basic configuration), add refrigerant from the cold and dry reserved some filling needle to join. For larger machines, fluoridation from the high pressure nozzle before adding filling, if not disposable and completed the prescribed dose, slow boot from the low pressure port to your prescribed dose.