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Fruit Freeze Drying Machine

Jul 17, 2019

   fruit freeze drying machine

From 5kg to 1500kg input capcity fruit freeze dryer are supplied. Widely apply for home, lab and industrial freeze drying.


Main Features

 1) Automatically, channelized, continuous, continuous feeding and discharging, drying and crushing in vacuum state to make a vacuum state.
 2)  Processing cost is one third of the traditional process, reducing labor cost.
 3) Water content of products can be adjusted.
 4) Thermal sensitive materials have good properties and are easy to clean.

 5) After continuous discharge for 5, 30-60 minutes, the collection rate reaches 99%.

 6) Overcoming the difficulties of high viscosity drying of various liquids and solids.

 7) Automatic Cleaning (CIP), in accordance with GMP requirements


freeze dryer  flower