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Filling Machine In Improving The Efficiency Of Industrial Production Has Made A Significant Contribution

Nov 06, 2017

Filling Machine in improving the efficiency of industrial production has made a significant contribution
The development of Filling Machine has experienced a long course of development, has experienced hardships, full of challenges. The invention and application of Filling Machine has brought convenience to industrial production and made great contribution to improving industrial production efficiency. Filling Machine in the production process will continue from the internal structure of the following improvements, research and development of new technologies, update the configuration, improve performance, to adapt to work in a variety of environments can continue to provide a steady stream of industrial sources of clean gas.
Filling Machine in the development of the industry has a considerable position, its technical level is quite mature. Compressed air came through the Filling Machine sometimes see the compressed air to the beads, but sometimes there is no, under normal circumstances the air moisture is proportional to the air temperature, so the temperature dropped the air of the precipitation of the water The formation of water droplets and the pipeline must have ah, not enough time to cool the water where the water is too much moisture in the air over the capacity of the Filling Machine, when the weather is dry.
Filling Machine scientific and rational structural design, novel appearance, nice, operation, maintenance, easy maintenance, easy installation (no foundation). Filling Machine refrigeration system and air system by experts with different conditions across the country to conduct a comprehensive and accurate calculation of the design parameters to stay more than 20% margin. Filling Machine technology in the chemical industry, biological products and other fields are widely used, Filling Machine in the world's refrigeration industry is in a leading position.
Filling Machine selection should be based on the cooling load and use to consider. For low-load operating conditions for a long time cooling system, should choose multi-head piston compressor or screw compressor group, easy to adjust and energy saving. Filling Machine main control parameters for the refrigeration coefficient of performance, rated capacity, input power and refrigerant type.
Selection of Filling Machine, giving priority to higher coefficient of performance of the unit. According to statistics, the general Filling Machine running time at 100% load throughout the year about 1/4 of the total operating time below. The proportion of operating hours of 100%, 75%, 50% and 25% of the total operating hours was roughly 2.3%, 41.5%, 46.1% and 10.1% respectively. Therefore, the choice of Filling Machine should give priority to the relatively flat efficiency curve models. At the same time, the choice of design should be considered Filling Machine load adjustment range. Part of the multi-head screw-type chillers excellent load performance, can be selected according to the actual situation. Second, we should also pay attention to the normal working range of this type of Filling Machine, mainly the current limit of the main motor is the current value of the shaft power in nominal condition.
Filling Machine is the use of the principle of sublimation drying technology is that the dried water-containing material in advance at low temperatures quickly frozen solid, and then in a suitable vacuum environment, the frozen water molecules directly sublimation water vapor to escape In order to remove the water and save the material process.
In order to ensure the biological activity and quality of the sample, the sample needs to be pre-frozen, the pre-frozen in the refrigerator or Filling Machine, and then placed in the shelf of the freeze-dried warehouse to carry out the main drying process of the sample. At this point the sample moisture in the Filling Machine under the action of low temperature and high vacuum direct sublimation of steam trapped by cryogenic cold trap and vacuum pump. After dozens of hours of main drying, most of the sample moisture is sublimated out, and the sample is completely preserved, sublimated gas condensation in the cold trap of ice, due to the pressure relationship, there is continuous gas sublimation and then Cold trap condensate into ice, ice in the sublimation to absorb heat, causing the sample itself to slow down the temperature and temperature sublimation speed, in order to increase sublimation speed, shorten the drying time, the product must be properly heated. In order to ensure the higher purity of the sample, the sample can be heated and lyophilized at this time, or can be called the post-drying process. The sample temperature can reach room temperature, and the Filling Machine is completely lyophilized.