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Filling Machine Design Principles

Aug 11, 2017

Filling Machine design principles
Filling Machine in the design to follow a few standards, today we will introduce these standards, I believe you will be helpful!
First of all to know the parameters of the automatic Filling Machine to be designed and the material to be filled, and secondly, to understand the container to be filled, to understand the shape of the container and the characteristics of the lid of the container. According to these characteristics, machine.
In addition, we must also know that the automatic Filling Machine to achieve the function, filling the principles and methods of filling the whole process must be in detail, each link should be designed to be reasonable and appropriate, so as not to affect the filling effect.
Automatic Filling Machine design should also be based on the specific needs of enterprises, the use of functional principles of innovative design methods, design a new type of production needs in line with the Filling Machine, so not only can improve work efficiency, but also to reduce the damage rate, Production costs.
Filling Machines are like people, and if prolonged labor does not add energy or does not have the proper rest, it will fail. So they want them to work efficiently, long life, regular Filling Machines and other equipment to do maintenance and maintenance is very necessary. There are a few notes, we must know.
The first is to remove the semi-automatic Filling Machinery before the gas source and power supply must be closed and the safety of the machine. Do not rinse the machine directly with water, otherwise it will damage the mechanical electrical parts. The third can not be used as a sharp tool scraping the surface of the Filling Machinery, easy to make the use of fuselage oxidation. The fourth clean-up must be completely from the inside to seriously check the maintenance to avoid foreign body fell into. At the same time to adhere to the regular maintenance of Filling Machinery and debugging.
 How to choose their own Filling Machine? Many people need to buy Filling Machine people may encounter such a problem. Next Hefei are dimension Filling Machine to give you a detailed selection of the principle of Filling Machine.
 1. From the principle of production process services
First of all, according to the nature of filling materials (viscosity, foaming, volatile, gas, etc.) to choose the appropriate Filling Machine to meet the production process requirements. For example, for the fragrant wine, in order to avoid the loss of volatile aromatic substances, generally should be used cup or atmospheric pressure Filling Machine; for fruit juice liquid, in order to reduce the contact with the air to ensure product quality, generally should be used Vacuum juice Filling Machine. Second, the Filling Machine should be the production capacity and before and after the processing, packaging machinery production capacity to match.
2. Meet the principles of food hygiene
Due to the special hygiene requirements of the beverage and beverage industry. So the selected Filling Machine in the structure of direct contact with the material parts should be easy to install and clean, do not allow dead ends. But also have a reliable sealing measures, to prevent the mixing of debris and material loss. In the material, the direct contact with the material parts to be used as much as possible stainless steel or non-toxic materials.
3. High productivity and good product quality
The productivity of the Filling Machine directly reflects the production capacity of the production line. So the higher the productivity, the better the economic benefits.
In order to improve product quality, should choose the equipment of high precision, high degree of automation Filling Machine. But the price of the equipment has increased accordingly, increasing the unit cost of the product. Therefore, in the choice of Filling Machine, should be combined with the production process requirements, the relevant factors to consider.
4. The principle of wide range of technology
The process range of the Filling Machine refers to its ability to adapt to different production requirements. The wider the scope of technology, the more able to improve the utilization of equipment to achieve a multi-purpose machine, that is, the use of the same equipment can be filled with a variety of materials and a variety of specifications. Therefore, in order to adapt to the beverage, beverage industry and more varieties, more specifications of the production requirements, should choose the widest range of Filling Machine.
5. The use of safe, easy maintenance principles
Filling Machine operation, adjustment should be convenient and effort, the use of safe and reliable. And its structure should be easy to disassemble the combination of components.
The above is a brief introduction to the principle of Filling Machine selection, we hope to help, Qingzhou Tianyuan Automatic Packaging Equipment Co., Ltd. is a commitment to the fluid / semi-fluid products production process automation control system and filling packaging design, production , Installation, sales and technical services of specialized companies, welcome to come to buy.