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Fermentation Tank After Use Care And Maintenance The Nine Points

Feb 10, 2017

1. The maintenance of mixers: should be checked after each time you open the tank lid and tighten the installation in the stirring shaft of the screw in the part.

2. And Shang magnet location of adjustment: Shang magnet from tank end of spacing normal for 1-1.5 mm, spacing had small Shang magnet of end of surface will hit tank body, then will caused mixing axis cannot turned or mixing axis has beat and with larger of noise phenomenon appeared; spacing had big, then will caused upper and lower magnet between of magnetic reduced, dang fermentation liquid stick heavy Shi has may Blender stopped turned and with larger of noise.

3. Bearing replacement: after one or two years of use, significantly increased bearing noise and stirring shaft swing obviously need to replace the bearings. Removethe bottom cover, remove the bearing shaft screw and Bearing cover, remove thebearing under cover, remove the bearing seat bottom bearing circlip, remove mixing shaft from top to bottom, remove the bearing and replace once again installed.

4. Filter filter replacement: as the air contains a lot of dust, after a certain time, filter clogged up with microporous gradually, this caused serious shortage of air flowand air pressure drop and may cause infection, which needs to be replaced. Idle filter element should be removed from the air filter, side-by-side condensation of water in the filter.

5. Electromagnetic valve maintenance: solenoid valves are used for cooling of fermentation tank, solenoid valve cartridge jammed, valve seal failure and damage to the solenoid can cause failure of the solenoid valve. Fault: in ensuring the circulation pump and circulation line normally, temperatures drop, not rise is the biggest reason the solenoid valve leakage or spool lock, another reason may be the electricheater is burnt out. Water switch water switch light is on top of the solenoid valve is not magnetic without cooling water discharge, coil bad water switch indicator isnot lit, the control box F1 (Really) the fuse is burnt out. Close the solenoid valve, drain the cooling water leakage, sealing of the valve core or debris stuck in valve core.

6. Ball valves maintenance: due to ball valve seal is made of two hemispheres of tetrafluoroethylene, after a long time, seals between the valve and could leak, unscrew the valve ends of the card cover connector nut, then tighten the valve end of thecylindrical connector (under normal circumstances, turn the valve handle should get some resistance).

7. Sleeve joints leak: screw the pressure cap on the streets can be.

8. Air hose: in order to prevent connections to the ends of the air mass meter hose burst unexpectedly proposed change the hose every two years.

9. Fermentation and sterilization time after cleaning, air distributor should ensure that reset during the installation process, the timely replacement feeding hole washers, such as foot valve leaking foot valve gasket should be replaced.