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Contents Of The Bioreactor

Feb 10, 2017

Bioreactor sounds a bit strange, the basic principle is simple. Stomach processingfood is inside the body of a complex biological reactor. Through various enzymesto digest food in the stomach, we can absorb the nutrients. On bioengineering in vitro bioreactor is a simulation of the function of living organisms, and designed for the production or testing of various chemical reaction device. Or rather, bioreactor using enzymes or other organisms (microbes) the biological function, biochemical reaction in vitro system, is a functional Simulator, such as fermentation, or immobilized cell reactor of immobilized enzymes and so on.

Widely used in immobilized enzyme based on, people found itself has a versatile series of natural cell reaction system using physical or chemical immobilization is the use of enzyme or enzymes in a great way. An immobilized cell reactor as a "lifeactivity function push". Immobilized cell technology started in the 70 's, its actual application of immobilized enzymes has been exceeded. As the United States, Europe, Japan using immobilized bacteria column bed of mass production of high-fructose corn syrup.