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Buy Paste Filling Machine Need To Pay Attention To What

Jul 10, 2017

Buy Paste Filling Machine need to pay attention to what

 Paste Filling Machine manufacturers of the current domestic Paste Filling Machine market competition is fierce, the product type and performance is good and bad. A lot of advertising brand is full of our eyes, making it difficult for us to use the eyes to identify in the end what kind of Paste Filling Machine for us, which brand of Paste Filling Machine is really worthy of our possession. One of the very important reasons why we are not a lot of people is not a special understanding of the knowledge of the paste-like filling machine, which is how we will buy Paste Filling Machine to bring trouble. As the Paste Filling Machine for most of the products are closely related to our lives, such as soy sauce vinegar, fruit juice, edible oil and so on to be used Paste Filling Machine, the purchase should be careful. So when we buy filling equipment in the end should pay attention to what the problem? Is there any skill?

  1. Paste Filling Machine manufacturers first choose large-scale, senior manufacturers, we'd better not choose product agents, because the Paste Filling Machine is a very professional equipment, the general agent is difficult to provide very good The technical support. Paste brand filling machine is not a day or two can be built, so the purchase of Paste Filling Machine should also pay attention to the status of some packaging machinery industry.

    2. Paste Filling Machine manufacturers choose the nearest manufacturers, because the Paste Filling Machine used in the process, it will inevitably be such a problem, which requires a good after-sales service to support, only close Suppliers will be as soon as possible to send professional technical staff to come to the door service, so that can do to minimize the unnecessary loss, and if you encounter a difficult problem, the manufacturers is a very troublesome thing.

    3. Paste Filling Machine manufacturers to buy Paste Filling Machine to choose the real manufacturer, then their products will certainly have their own unique, and others are not the same place. Because such a Paste Filling Machine suppliers have their own equipment design and development of professional team, Paste Filling Machine design R & D personnel will be based on the real needs of customers to start, developed a unique concept of Paste Filling Machine, This will produce a different customer experience.

1, Paste Filling Machine manufacturers of the machine out of the box, the first check the random technical information is complete, the machine is damaged in the transport, in order to solve in a timely manner.

2, the feed components and discharge components in accordance with the outline of the instructions in the installation and adjustment.

3, the lubrication point to the new lubricants.

4, Paste Filling Machine manufacturers shake the handle with a handle, check the machine is running in the correct direction (facing the motor spindle counterclockwise direction), the machine must be protected ground.

The working principle and performance of the Paste Filling Machine manufacturer

1, the working principle: Paste Filling Machine for semi-automatic piston Paste Filling Machine. Through the cylinder to drive a piston to extract and play the material with a one-way valve to control the flow of materials, with a reed switch control cylinder stroke, you can adjust the filling volume.

2, the performance: Paste Filling Machine manufacturers of semi-automatic piston-type single-head liquid Paste Filling Machine is in the Paste Filling Machine manufacturers to produce paste-based filling machine on the basis of the introduction of foreign advanced Paste Filling Machine technology, carried out a further transformation and innovation, its structure is more simple and reasonable, high accuracy, easier operation, your company is the ideal choice for filling high service.