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Beer Brewing Equipment Maintenance Manual

Jul 20, 2017

Beer Brewing Equipment maintenance manual

Like taking care of your loved one, a brand new and fine Beer Brewing Equipment needs careful care and meticulous care. Think about it? If you're careful to protect your beer brewing during the normal brewing process, she'll be compliant and not strike. On the contrary, you have driven her every day as a donkey, and if she is not willing to do you have to take her place, it's not worth it. Moreover, the quality and taste of brewing beer are directly influenced by the quality of the brewed beer equipment. In addition, with regard to the use of home-brewed beer, the following 13 points of attention are summarized in jinan howlu machine, although not very much, but very practical!

Article 1 with a

The cleaning of beer-making equipment is strictly forbidden to use a chlor-detergent or disinfectant.

Article 2:

The beer-making equipment is not used for a long time. Please clean the equipment thoroughly before you stop, and when the water is clean, close the valves. In addition, the Beer Brewing Equipment should be thoroughly cleaned and cleaned several times before it can be reused.

Article 3 the

The Beer Brewing Equipment should check all motor, pump wiring and grounding condition regularly, ensure the connection is correct. Check the oil level of the decelerating motor and the hydraulic device. Regularly check whether the joints of the stirring and ploughing knife are fastened. The pumps shall not be idled and reversed, and the leakage of the pump shall be replaced by a timely replacement of the pump seal.

Article 4.

Check to check whether there is any foreign matter in the hopper, check whether the fastener on the pulverizer is loose, and the reliability of the safety protection device of the belt. Regularly clean the mill roller.

Article 5.

Check whether the pressure gauges and safety valves of steam heating equipment are normal and ensure that the steam traps are unblocked; Do not turn on the heating! When the equipment is running, high temperature pipes, such as steam and wheat juice, and the top of saccharification equipment should be suspended to prevent scalding.

Article 6.

When filtering, large flow is forbidden to extract wheat juice and damage the sieve plate. Do not press the weight on the screen when the equipment is not used, so as not to cause the sieve plate to deform. Ensure that all mechanical parts run smoothly during operation.

Article 7.

Check whether the plate heat exchanger has leakage, leakage, and liquid, if any, should be repaired immediately.

Article 8.

Pay attention to the alkaline water concentration in the alkaline water tank at any time. If the alkaline water concentration is too low or too cloudy, it cannot be used for washing.

Article 9.

Check the valve at any time. If leakage is found, it should be repaired or replaced in time.

Article 10.

Always check the meter indication on the distributor, and calibrate the temperature of the mercury (or alcohol) thermometer at the temperature correction of the digital temperature control meter to ensure the accuracy of the process parameters.

Article 11.

The saccharification equipment should be flushed clean after each use. The saccharification pipe, plate heat exchanger and the wheat juice pipe should also be cleaned.

Article 12.

The equipment process pipeline, cooling pipeline and exhaust pipe are strictly prohibited to climb.

Article 13.

Equipment outage and overhaul, should power off the steam and suspension warning signs.


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