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Automatic Filling Machine Becomes The New Flag That Leads Packaging Industry

Sep 12, 2017

Automatic Filling Machine becomes the new flag that leads packaging industry

In recent years, the economy has developed rapidly and the packaging industry has been greatly improved, especially the packaging machine represented by the automatic Filling Machine is developing rapidly. The automatic Filling Machine is widely used, and the filling of food, medicine and cosmetics can not be separated from his support. The main reason is that people's demand for materials is increasing, which leads to high demand in the market, so the development of automatic Filling Machine is promoted.
A remarkable feature of the dynamic Filling Machine is the high degree of automation, which can meet the enterprise's support for production capacity and work efficiency. In recent years, with the continuous development and innovation of the manufacturer of the Filling Machine, the microcomputer technology has been integrated into the equipment of the Filling Machine, and the electromechanical integration has been realized. The filling quantity and filling speed can be adjusted freely and the filling accuracy is obviously improved. Moreover, the unique drip filling mouth also avoids the waste of materials, which is needed by modern enterprises. He also saves enterprise cost while improving efficiency.
In order to get a slice of the market for the Filling Machine, many new businesses are quietly born. Due to the limited technical level, the production of automatic Filling Machine general quality is poor, production capacity can not keep up. So enterprises must choose the established enterprises when choosing the Filling Machine. Senior irrigation manufacturer general technology is more advanced, after-sales service is also guaranteed, so customers can rest assured.
The growth of the automatic Filling Machine is not an isolated case. The equipment such as the capping machine and labelling machine has been playing catch-up with the automatic Filling Machine, trying to become the popular packing machine in the market. The development of automatic Filling Machine has affected other packaging machines to some extent, and has become a new flag for packaging industry.
As the automation spread throughout, the Filling Machine equipment changed dramatically. Compared with previous liquid Filling Machine equipment, its operations are increasingly short, complete Filling Machine is a key to the real operation, not only can improve the company's production power, also reduced the cost of working capital to the company.
Under the packaging of modern Filling Machine, its packaging function becomes more and more complete, more and more perfect the packaging of the goods, and has been recognized by the market consumers. It is useful to promote the sale of the company's goods and to assist the rapid development of the production company. Automation is the product of The Times. The appearance of automation facilitates the production and convenience of the day, which greatly promotes the development of society. Automation, also let us Filling Machine company harvest quite abundant, greatly improved the technology, the performance and the quality of the Filling Machine equipment, promoted the development of the Filling Machine industry.
Only Filling Machine industry with science and technology innovation, as soon as possible close to the user, the independent research and development management instead of blindly introduction and imitation of the traditional model, to make the healthy development of China's packaging machinery industry and market, and try to catch up as soon as possible the world's advanced production technology.
Lack of Filling Machine in China
At present, the domestic Filling Machine mainly includes film Filling Machine, can Filling Machine, plastic bottle Filling Machine, etc. Different Filling Machines are suitable for different packing types. After decades of development, the Filling Machine in our country has been changed from the original imitation of foreign bottling machine to independent manufacturing production. However, due to the late start, the domestic Filling Machine has a large gap with foreign countries.
The first is the lack of macroeconomic regulation. Because the packing machine and other packaging-machinery enterprises start low, "talent is not enough". Cross-sector, cross-industry. There are problems with overall planning and macro guidance. In the investment to explore new products, a lot of coaxing, automatic simulation, showing the low degree of repeated unordered competition.
The second is the lack of funding. This is also the commonality of the machinery industry, it is difficult to absorb a large amount of capital investment, difficult to hold a large number of technical changes. Due to insufficient funds, the amount of investment for research and development is less than 1%. You can't be a consumer. Explore a generation. Due to the lack of the skills to store, the introduction of skills, digestion and absorption of things, make the enterprise high and new products lack of market competitiveness.
Moreover, the industry lacks professional skills. For Filling Machine packaging machinery for the current profit level is generally low, difficult to absorb the good skill talented person, the talent team upside down, independent development products and innovation skill is weak, and even digest absorb WaiYang products skill is very weak.
For China's Filling Machine and other packaging machinery consumer enterprises. If you can't ask for the best, you should ask for the best. The consumption of packaging in China has entered into a new period of product planning and improvement. The high efficiency of consumption and the high application of resources have become the trend of the growth of packaging machinery and other packaging machinery in the world, which is also the growth tendency of the packaging machinery industry in China.