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dry yeast powder production line Instant yeast production line Dry matter:≥94.0% NaCl:≤5.0% Total nitrogen:≥9% PH:4.5-6.5 Amino nitrogen(a-N):≥3.0% Ash:≤15.0%

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 yeast production line 


Yeast is the most important microbial industry for human beings. Yeast has been industrialized as a microorganism, and it is also the most industrialized in the world. Compared with no microbial species, the world's output has reached millions of tons, all of which are produced by yeast or yeast products. Because the flour food that people live on every day must be fermented by yeast, and all kinds of alcoholic beverages that people like must be fermented by yeast. 

The yeast has great contribution to the human diet. The development of modern biotechnology has expanded the scope of yeast in human society. More and more advanced chemical materials, such as organic acids, alcohols and lipids, are produced by yeast. The development of yeast production technology provides the society with high quality and convenient transportation yeast products, which is convenient for people's life, improves the quality of products, and promotes the wider application of yeast. The demand for yeast in the market is also increasing.

At present, the main types of yeast available on the market can be divided into yeast extract and active dry yeast. The yeast extracts with higher activity and fermentation speed, strong endurance, low price and other advantages, and fermentation products of good flavor, fragrance; the main shortcomings of performance is not stable in activity, storage conditions must be strictly in the refrigerator or freezer, low temperature storage and storage time is short, which is not easy the long-distance transportation and need to be activated before use. Compared with yeast extract, active dry yeast has more convenient transportation and no longer need refrigerated vehicle for long-distance transportation. It has good stability, fermentation power is greater than yeast extract, and does not need low temperature storage. It can store for 1-2 years at room temperature, and it is not easy to deteriorate.


In this project, molasses was used as raw material, and ammonium phosphate was used as nitrogen source and phosphorus source. Modern biotechnology was applied to obtain the desired products after mild enzymatic hydrolysis, centrifugation, concentration, spray drying and so on. Natural meat flavor, sour taste and no general yeast extract. The product is rich in meat derived amino acids and physiological active peptides, and has been widely applied for its natural taste enhancement. It can rapidly improve the flavor and quality of all kinds of salty food, and is the core ingredient of the new generation of food processing industry.

Product Features of our yeast production line equipment

(1) It has a strong sense of extension and rounded feeling, without the taste of the extract from the ordinary yeast, which is 4 times the flavor effect of the extract of the ordinary yeast.

(2) Rich in nutrition. Protein is decomposed into small molecule peptides and various amino acids, which have dual functions of nutrition and flavoring.

(3) Easy to use. The amount is unrestricted and is used with other products. It has the effect of meat flavor and flavor doubling.

We can offer you the turnkey project of yeast production line, the handling capacity will be decided by your production output scale.

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