Pilot Scale Enzyme Production

Application: this fermentation tank is ideal system for production of bacteria, yeast, enzyme, and fungi ,etc in aerobic and anaerobic cultures.This series of products suits for various kinds of microbiology lab, pilot and industrial scale fermentation. User can choose appreciate model according to Client s detail requirement. We have model from 1L---30000L

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pilot scale enzyme production


this fermentation tank is ideal system for production of  bacteria, yeast, enzyme,and fungi ,etc in aerobic  and anaerobic cultures.This series of products suits for various kinds of microbiology lab, pilot and  industrial scale fermentation.

User can choose  appreciate model according to Client s detail  requirement.
We have model from 1L---30000L



This fermentation tank include fermentation tank, mixer, pipes, meters, valves, PH meter, Do meter, anti-foam device, temperature control system, heating system and control system


All the control system:

1Temperature control system:

Electric heat water tank and cooling system which include the hot water pump,it can circulate the hot water,the heating system is good, it has PID control system. The control system can control temperature with four data show, the temperature scope can be 0-150℃ the fermentation temperature can be +5℃-65℃±0.2℃

control accuracy:0.1℃

Control scope: temperature value online detection, PID intelligent control, you can set temperature according to the fermentation process. you can set the 5 paragraph

It include PT100 temperature sensor, stainless steel sensor protection,stainless steel heater, stainless steel hot water heating tank, and how water pump.


2 PH control system:

Control way: it is automatic and data setting.

The show scope:2.00~12.00 the show accuracy 0.01PH,the control accuracy:0.02PH

It is PID control system, the control accuracy is high, it is not easy produce fluctuation,the PH meter is METTLER TOLEDO,all the magmatic valve,peristaltic pump are automatic, the PH meter correction by soft wear system automatically.

1 the PH meter can bear high pressure and high temperature, so the PH meter can be sterilized.

2 the show scope:0.00~14.00±0.01 automatic control scope:2.00~12.00±0.02.

3 online testing and checking, automatic alarm, and peristaltic pump so that it can automatically add acid and alkali.

4PID control system: it an be manual control system and automatic control system, it can be time control system under automatic control system, it can realized PH  value curve analysis,add acid,alkali curve analysis, report analysis, all add acid,alkali curve analysis. Fermentation control system,

5 PH up and down limit protection


3 DO control system :

METTLER TOLEDO DO meter shielding wire detection can select speed, feed and other parameter to control.

Show accuracy:±1%,Distinguish ratio:0.1%

Ways: online checking and control.

Show scope:0-100% or 0-200%

Parameter treatment: DO value curve analysis, report analysis

This DO meter can be bear high temperature sterilization, this DO meter with Double shielded signal transmission wires, it has stainless steel sensor protection and Transmitter

Parameter: DO valve curve analysis, report analysis.

Control ways:DO value abnormal alarm. It can control together with speed and add oxygen inlet. Fermentation process control(it can ferment according to time, it has 5 setting step)

4 anti foam control:

Control way: automatic control system, it can automatically add foam.


Include: foam sensor,it can automatically control foam by peristaltic pump.

Control mode: manual or automatic way

5 Feeding system:

Control mode: can be manual or automatic.

It can automatically add acid, alkali or seed , it can be manual control or automatically control.

6 pressure checking system

Control mode: manual control

it can control pressure by pressure meter on pipe, inside tank, jacket, the pressure scope::0-0.6Mpa

the main tank is installed with safety valve, so that it can protect the tank.


7 flow meter control

Control mode:manual control system

Checking scope: 0-100L/min


8 Speed control system

Control mode: automatically control

The motor is alternating current with inverter, it can make sure the motor stable operation, stepless adjustable speed,the speed can be 0-500rpm the accuracy:±5rpm


OEM Service

We have different type fermenter and bioreactor, from lab scale to industrial scale.

We accept customized according to your requirements.

Contact with me for more information

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