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We are one of China leading factory that specialize in producing kinds of production line,kinds of fermenter bioreactors and freeze dryer/Lyophilizer. such as Yeast(Levure casseeuse) /Insulin / Vaccine / Antibiotics / Lysine/glucose /citric acid/ etc Production Line and equipment, Kombucha/Wine/Beer /Yogurt/milk/beverge / cell culture /pharmaceutical fermenter tank or bioreactor and other kinds of brewing equipment, freeze dryer/Lyophilizer. For more details and questions pls feel free to refer to our website or contact me any time, thanks whatsapp: (+0086) 15010918869, Wechat: 1572674265 thanks

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We are one of China leading factory that specialize in producing kinds of production line,kinds of fermenter bioreactors and  freeze dryer/Lyophilizer. such as Lysine Production Line /Insulin / Vaccine / Antibiotics / Lysine/glucose /citric acid/ etc Production Line and equipment,  Kombucha/Wine/Beer /Yogurt/milk/beverge / cell culture /pharmaceutical fermenter tank or bioreactor and other kinds of brewing equipment, freeze dryer/Lyophilizer. 
For more details and questions  pls  feel  free to  refer to our website or  contact me any time, thanks


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Yeast /Insulin / Vaccine / Antibiotics / Lysine etc Production Line, fermenter bioreactor 




we can profuce many production line  such  as  such following : 


Bread bakery yeast(Levure casseeuse) production line/ fermenter equipment,

Insulin production line/ fermenter equipment,

Vaccine production line/ fermenter equipment,

Antibiotics  production line/ fermenter equipment,

Lysine production line/ fermenter equipment,

glucose production line/ fermenter equipment,

citric acid production line/ fermenter equipment,


Production Process of Bakers Yeast:

Raw Materials.

1. Cane or beet molasses is the primary raw material for bakers yeast production.

2. It supplies all the sugar that yeast needs for growth and energy along with part of the needed nitrogen.

3. Before it is fed to the yeast, concentrated molasses is diluted with water, clarified, and heat sterilized. It is then supplemented with additional nitrogen, phosphate, vitamins, and minerals.



1. Yeast broth from the fermentor at about 5 percent solids is concentrated in a centrifuge to about 18 percent solids and washed with water.

2. Cream yeast is simply this liquid yeast that is cooled and delivered in bulk to the bakery. To make compressed (granular and cake) yeast, cream yeast is passed through a filter, which removes water and increases the solids concentration to about 30 percent.

3. When a rotary vacuum filter is used, the cream is first treated with salt, then sucked onto a thin layer of starch, rinsed with cold water to remove the salt, and scraped off the starch. After filtering, small amounts of emulsifiers or oils are added to assist in the extrusion and cutting of the yeast and to improve its appearance. 

4. Granular yeast is then crumbled and packed in bags; cake yeast is extruded and formed into blocks.





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