AI Body Temperature Monitor Device With Face Identification Function

AI Body Temperature Monitor Device with face identification function

Product Details

This Intelligent body-temperature monitor device not only can scan the body-temperature in real time but also has face identification function, adopt 4 millions pixel optical camera, infrared imaging camera also has 320x240 pixel, double camera lens, temperature resolution ±0.3℃, when body-temperature exceeds 37.2, this device can alert, if this person information has been stored in database, this device also can record whose temperature is higher than normal


This Intelligent body-temperature monitor device don’t need any operation by anyone, it should be fixed before gate of building, airport, railway station, hospital, government, etc. This device can improve the efficiency of body temperature screening, reduce the possibility of cross infection. It include cameras and lens, display, software.


Infrared camera

Detector type: Uncooled focal plane radiation thermometry

Pixel Resolution: 320x240

Temperature range: 30℃~45℃

Test accuracy: ±0.3℃

Temp resolution: 0.1℃

Focal distance: 6.5mm

Visible camera pixel: 4,000,000

Frame rate: 1080

Freme frequency:  60fps

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