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What is a flow meter

Feb 10, 2017

Development of flow measurement can be traced back to the ancient hydraulic engineering and water supply systems. Guluomakai sub has been measured using orifice water drinking water for residents. Around 1000 BC ancient Egyptians used Weir to measure the flow of the Nile. The famous dujiangyan baopingkou water water level observation and so on.

Measurement of industrial production in the eye. Flow measurement is one of thecomponents of measurement science and technology, which is closely related to the national economy, national defense, scientific research. To do this work, to ensure product quality, improve production efficiency and promoting the developmentof science and technology has an important role, in particular in the energy crisis,high degree of automation of industrial production today, flow meters, status androle in the national economy is more obvious.

Flowmeters can be divided into a differential pressure type flowmeter, rotameter,orifice meter, slit flowmeters, volumetric flowmeter, electromagnetic flowmeter andultrasonic flowmeter and so on. Breakdown by medium: liquid flow meter and gasmeter.