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Use of particle counter and work principle

Feb 10, 2017

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Particles counter is test air dust particles particles of grain diameter and distribution of dedicated instrument, by microscope development and to, experience has microscope, and settlement tube, and settlement instrument, and centrifugal settlement instrument, and particles counter, and laser air particles counter, and condensation nuclear particles counter, and more channel multifunctional particles counter, process, currently widely application Yu for provinces drug by, and blood center, and epidemic prevention station, and CDC, and quality supervision by, authority institutions, and electronic industry, and pharmaceutical workshop, and semiconductor, and optical or precision mechanical processing, and plastic, and Painting, hospitals, environmental protection, inspection, production enterprises and scientific research sectors.

Works edited

Particle counter is a principle of light scattering particle counting instruments. Lightscattering particle size, and the wavelength and particle index of refraction and particulate light absorption characteristics and other factors. Scattered light intensityand particle size, however, there is a basic rule, that is, particle scattering light intensity increased with the increase in the surface area of the particles. The dust concentration in the gas must flow through a beam of intense light, particles scatter light, projected on the photomultiplier tube through the condenser lens, the light pulses into electrical impulses, by the number of pulse particles is obtained. According to particle scattering light intensity and size function of particle diameter is obtained. As long as determination of the intensity of scattered light shows the particlesize, is the basic principle of light scattering particle counter.