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The flexible characteristics of production line

Feb 10, 2017

Flexible production line is mainly in order to adapt to the current market order more variety and small batch production line change frequently, flexible production line flexibility and modular structure, can in the shortest period of time to adapt to the process of product variants, production recovery in a timely manner. Productsare widely used in the automotive industry, electronics manufacturing, communications, biotechnology, pharmaceutical industry, military industry, various chemicals, precision hardware, such as diversification of production.

Modular: wire rod products can be assembled freely, connectivity, modular structure to facilitate restructuring of flexible: simple in structure, easy to play to their creativity, absolutely can meet the diversified manufacturing of modern enterprises.

Simplification: Workbench using small space, inventory is large, butt single volumeof small and medium enterprises has been a big help.

Human: a flexible table can make somebody's position for a person to do, finish faster.

Environmental protection: process of grinding, welding, surface treatment may besaved, and each can be recycled, waste Panel optional boards (PVC, optionally antistatic rubber. Antistatic laminate, stainless steel, etc) or slide type tooling.

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