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the development of fig freeze dryer is optimistic

May 13, 2019

 The market for the development of fig freeze dryer is optimistic

The development of fig freeze dryer is promising. Firstly, freeze-dried figs belong to the field of fruit processing technology, specifically a freeze-dried figs that can maintain fresh fruit color and nutrition, good rehydration, light weight and can be stored at room temperature. Its processing method. The improvement of freeze-dried fig technology has helped the development of fruit deep processing. The following is explained from the following points:

dried  fruits                                  

First, the value of fig deep processing is high

As we all know, fig has a wide range of nutritional value and medicinal value, is a special fruit and natural botanical drugs, known as "the patron saint of human health in the 21st century." However, after the fig is mature, the fresh-keeping period is very short 2-3 days, it is easy to saccharify and rot. The fully mature fruit can only be placed for 1 day at room temperature, and the fresh-keeping period of individual varieties after treatment at low temperature is about 1 week. Most of the figs in the producing areas are processed locally, except for some fresh sales.

Second, the traditional fig processing method defects

At present, there are many kinds of processed figs developed in production, such as dried fruit, preserved fruit, jam, beverage, fruit wine, fruit tea, canned food, etc., but the following problems exist.

(1) The processing technology is backward, the appearance quality, tissue structure and nutrient composition of the fruit are changed greatly, and the retention rate of physiological active ingredients is low;

(2) In order to extend the shelf life and improve the flavor, the addition of various food additives and preservatives poses a health hazard; storage and transportation have special requirements on the environment and space, resulting in an increase in recurring expenses such as storage and sales.

Third, the application advantages of the fig freeze dryer

Under vacuum, using the principle of sublimation, the moisture in the pre-frozen figs is directly removed from the ice by sublimation into water vapor without melting the ice, thereby drying the material and avoiding the discoloration and odor caused by the traditional dehydration technique. The defects of large loss of nutrients, poor rehydration, etc., to maintain the appearance quality and nutritional value of the raw materials to the maximum extent, the products have the advantages of good rehydration performance, light weight and durability. It has the advantages of maintaining the original food shape, color, fragrance, taste, nutrition, good rehydration, light weight, and storage at room temperature.

Fourth, economic development, market demand

The freeze-dried figs produced by the fig lyophilizer can be directly eaten and have an irreplaceable position in special occasions such as mountaineering, navigation, aviation, adventure, field battle, etc. It can also be used for convenience food compatibility or sold to the international market. The selling price is hot air. 4-6 times dry food, 15-20 times faster food.