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Pumpkin Powder freeze dryer

Jul 18, 2019

Vegetable freeze-drier: Pumpkin powder production steps!

Pumpkin Powder freeze dryer

 Through the vegetable freeze-dried mechanism of frozen-dried pumpkin tablets, a good reserve of the original nutrition and active ingredients of pumpkin, freeze-dried pumpkin tablets can also be crushed into pumpkin freeze-dried powder, which is rich in a variety of trace elements, vitamins in the control of blood sugar plays an important role.
Get rid of the disadvantages of traditional high-temperature drying technology.

1, choose fresh pumpkin, peeled, demelon sac;
2, cut into slices of uniform thickness, steamed;


3, the pumpkin sliceflatinto placed in a stainless steel tray;
4, put the tray into the frozen-drying room of the food freeze dryer, one click to open the freeze-drying procedure;


5, wait for the end of the freeze-drying procedure, take out the freeze-dried pumpkin slices (can be directly sealed to save, for crispy and delicious mat hungry snacks, at any time to supplement nutrition);


6, crush the frozen pumpkin slices, that is, the pumpkin freeze-dried powder.