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Pet freeze dryer equipment

Jul 17, 2019

Pet freeze dryer equipment

Dog and cat food with pet freeze dryer equipment! Pet freeze-dryer is a vacuum freeze-dryer for freeze-dried cat and dog food and meat. It can freeze-dry dog and cat food, freeze-dried food, chicken breast meat, quail, beef, duck, fish, pressurized viscera, molar crisp bone and other products.

Pet freeze-dried meat is made by ourselves. The pet food or meat is put into the freeze-drier drying room to freeze at low temperature. Then it is heated and dried under vacuum conditions. The frozen water in the food is sublimated directly from solid state to gaseous state, and the frozen-dried pet food is obtained.

During this process, the product will remain the original size and shape, small cells rupture, remove water to prevent food from deteriorating at room temperature. The size and shape of the freeze-dried products are the same as those of the original freeze-dried materials, which have good stability and can be reconstructed and restored when placed in water. When freeze-drying technology is applied to pet food, its nutritional value can be retained to a large extent by zui. The color, taste, volume, texture and quality of food raw materials are not significantly different.