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On the classification of the filling machine introduced

Feb 10, 2017

Volumetric filling machine---product at a predetermined volumetric filling and packaging machines within the container volume-filling machines. Suitable for solid powder or thick volumetric filling machine-like objects fill the measuring cup, spiral, airflow, plunger metering pump, tube-type and timing and so on.

Weighing filling machine. According to predetermined quality filling the product topackaging machine weighing filling machine. In the process of filling to achieve a quality product, then fill to the packing container. Easy caking or sticking of the products, such as brown sugar and can be used in the process of filling along with the container weight gross weight filling machine.

Counting filling machine. Filling the book number of the product to machine counting filling machine in the packaging containers. According to the different countingmethod, counting and counting two more classes.

Automatic slime filling machine