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Micro-filtration principle

Feb 10, 2017

Micro-filtration filter has three: screening, filter cake filtration, filtration. Thought mechanism of separation of micro-filtration and screening mechanism, the physical structure of the film plays a decisive role. In addition, adsorption and electrochemical performance and other factors have an impact on retention. Their separation in the range of 0.1-10 μ m particles, static differential pressure for 0.01-0.2MPa operation.

Based on where the particle retention in the microfiltration process can be divided into 3 types of retention mechanisms: sieving, adsorption and bridge, and their micro-filtration principles are as follows:

(1) Screening: microporous membrane intercept membrane pore size or membrane with a pore diameter of particle, also known as the mechanical retention.Micro-filtration interception mechanism diagramMicro-filtration interception mechanism diagram.

(2) Adsorption: physico-chemical adsorption and membrane particles by adsorption. Particle size is smaller than the holes can also be trapped.

(3) Bridge: the particles accumulate push, led to many particles from entering filmor stuck in the holes, to complete escape.