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Introduction of our Vacuum freeze dryer

Sep 29, 2019

Introduction of our Vacuum freeze dryer:

Vacuum freeze dryer is currently the most advance dehydrating processing technology in the world,the freeze dried food will not only can keep original shape,taste and fresh but also can be stored for a long time and easy transportation.It is widely used in the field of vegetables, fruits, spices, aquatic products, biological products, medicines, Chinese herbal medicine, beverage, and chemical etc.

Features of our Vacuum freeze dryer:

1. Dried material can be stored at warmer temperatures without suffering degradation.

2. Freeze drying can be operated in a more controlled environment than some other forms of drying, which means less chance of contamination.

3. Drying may be extended until the specified moisture level is achieved, whether that be 5% or 0.1%.

4. As the product is dried without excessive heating, proteins and other products that would be thermally denatured can be successfully preserved.

5. Freeze dried products have a very high surface area which enables them to be reconstituted very quickly. This is advantageous in products such as vaccines and emergency medications as well as instant soups and coffees.

6. Vials can be sealed under vacuum or inert gas, which helps preserve products sensitive to oxygen.

7. Dried products are much lighter than wet, offering the benefit of reducing transportation costs.


Our manufacturing factory is in Changchun city of Jilin Province, China. .We can design and manufacture, install the whole production line .

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