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Introduction of each component system of freeze dryer

Jul 17, 2019


Freeze dryer system! Freeze dryer, also known as freeze-dryer equipment, is mainly divided into ordinary type and capping type, while the freeze-dryer system consists of refrigeration system, vacuum system, control system, circulation system and hydraulic system.

The following is the function and function of each component system according to the Shanghai Prosperity Manufacturer:

1. Refrigeration system: It is the most important part of vacuum freeze dryer. It is composed of refrigeration compressor and auxiliary facilities. It can provide cold source for drying box and cold trap. In addition to high and low pressure pressure pressure gauges, pressure controller is also installed in the refrigeration system. When the high pressure is too high. Then, the high voltage relay will start to work, at this time, the compressor will stop working;

2. Vacuum system: It consists of drying chamber, cold trap, vacuum valve, vacuum pump, vacuum pipeline and vacuum measuring gauge. The vacuum pump group has strong suction capacity. On the one hand, it can promote the sublimation of water in drying chamber in vacuum, on the other hand, the system will be between cold trap and drying chamber. A pressure difference of vacuum degree is formed, so that the moisture in the drying box can be successfully captured by the cold trap after sublimation.

3. Control system: It is mainly composed of programmable logic controller, touch screen, peripheral relay, sensor, etc.

4. Circulating system: In vacuum freeze dryer, circulating system is also an indispensable part. The freeze drying and heating of the freeze dryer are a kind of technology that depends on temperature difference to cause material transfer. The cooling and heating of shelf are carried out through heat transfer of heat conducting oil, in order to make the heat conducting oil continuous. In order to circulate in the whole system, a shielded circulating system is needed.

5. Hydraulic system: It is the power system in the capping freeze dryer. It is mainly used to press the stopper of the cillin bottle into the bottle mouth at the end of drying.