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Industrial Beer Brewing Equipment

Jun 06, 2017

Industrial beer brewing equipment


Industrial beer brewing equipment is also called self brewing beer,high concentration beer and protoplasmic brewed beer.According to the different raw material and brew technology,there're various beer with different taste and flavor, such as yellow beer,white beer,black beer,red beer,brown beer,barley beer,wheat beer,bitter beer,fruit beer,festival beer and health beer.


The complete set of industrial beer brewing equipment are made up of pulverizing system,mash system, fermentation system,cooling system,control system,CIP system and water treatment system,etc.


fermenter 13_副本.jpg

Bright beer tank:Certified stainless steel material.Sanitary construction with 100% TIG welded joints and seams with sanitary interior polish.All tanks and jackets insulated and pressure tested to 2 times operating pressure.

Dish head/Cylinder/60oC cone bottom(can be adjusted)/shell jacket(one or two sections)/bottom jacket/ insulation both on shell and bottom/ with adjustables legs)

Connections:PVRV/CO2 outlet/glycol inlet and outlet/Pt100 interface/sample valve/side manhole/CIP interface/ wort inlet and yeast outlet/elbow beer outlet/dry hops dosing(filling)pipe.Volume:1bbl~300bbl

mini beer brewing equipment process flow chart as blews:

Grinding of raw material → material feeding →mash system→ iodine inspection to full saccharification → filter→ boiling (dosing hops by batches) → whirl to settling →wort cooling (oxygenation) →  (fermentation)

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