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Freeze Drying Tech and Uses

Jan 03, 2018

Freeze drying, or lyphilization, is a process that removes the solvent from a material. This process has application in the preservation of many different types of materials, from small molecules, foodstuffs, artifacts and whole organisms.

Freeze drying applications:

1. Food presercation method

A. Lowers water activity

B. Reduces potential for microbial growth

C. Prevent browning / degradation         maillard and carmelization

D. Heat sensitive products

2. Long shelf life

 freeze dryer (2).jpg

Freeze dried products:

1. Fruits / vegetables

A. Peas

B. Tomatoes

C. Cherries

D. Berries

2. Other food products

A. Ice cream

B. Spaghetti

C. Coffee

3. Pharmaceuticals

4. Pets

A. Dogs

B. Squirrels

freeze dried fruit 2.jpg 

Effective method characteristics:

1. Factors for efficiency of drying processes

A. Heat and masss transfer considerations

B. Maximum Pvap gradient.

C. Maximum between air and interior of product

D. High convective coefficients at surface.

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Lyophilization: How it works?

1. Reducing product temp

   Majority of product moisture in solid state.

2. Decrease ambient pressure

A. Sublimation (H2O evaporation from solid to gas)

B. Carried out over vacuum

C. Maintain Pvap gradient between the ice front in the material and the surrounding encironment.

3. Apply heat to aid sublimation.

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1. How can you guarantee we receive a good quality?

Re: First, we have Q/C department to control the quality from raw material to the finished products. When the machine was finished, we will send you the inspection video and pictures. Or you can come to our factory to inspect the machine before you arrange the balance of the payment.

2. Do you provide any help about the product operation?

Re: We have English manuals and operational video, which could help you know the operation easily.

3. How about warranty?

Re: We could make sure all of our machines with one year’s warranty and provide you with free technical support of equipment lifelong.

4. How can I get more details about this machine?

Re: Please write all your question in the below mailbox, we will reply to you via E-mail within 12 hours.

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