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freeze dryer for fruits, vegetables and all other food

Apr 21, 2017

Freeze dryer features and benefits:  

1.    Touchscreen display, PID function adjustable

2.     Compound refrigeration technology, less frozen dry time

3.     Large freezing capacity and large water capture capacity 

4.    Material is 304 stainless steel in side, to keep anti-corrosion, strong and easy to clean

5.    Silicone oil frozen medium, the deviation is no more than 1°C, so drying uniformly

6.    Drying chamber's door is made of high transparent and colorless transparent organic glass 

7.    Optional for in situ pre freezing

8.    Optional temperature recorder, the adjustable temperature record point and real-time monitoring

9.   Optional eutectic point test device, and automatic pressure plug device

10.  Square shelf is not easy deformation, easy operation and cleaning