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Freeze Dried Food Machine

Jul 18, 2019

Freeze Dried Food Machine

1. introduction:

 freeze dried fruit machine :freeze dryer / Vacuum freeze dryer , it can keep the fruits into original shape , taste and fresh, also can store for longer time and easy transportation for the freeze dried food. Freeze dry machine is widely used for the food, fruits, vegetables, spices, aquatic products, biological products, pharmaceutical, Chinese herbal medicine, beverage, and chemical and so on.


2. lyophilizer freeze dryer capacity:

Our vacuum freeze dryer / lyophilizer tray's area from 0.5-200 m³, 5-2000kg capacity ,we can supply by your needs.


3. lyophilizer freeze dryer main specifications:

We also have 30m2,40m2,50m2,75m2etc,we can manufature according to your requirements.
 2.Some parameters can be adjusted so that to ensure enough freeze drying area case such as 30 m2,  40 m2,   50 m2,  70 m2.

Vacuum Liofilizador for Fruit Vegetables Snacks3