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Considerations for daily use of particle counter

Feb 10, 2017

1. When the inlet pipe is uncovered or blocked, do not start the counter

2, Should be used in a clean environment to prevent damage to the laser sensor

3, Prohibits the extraction grease, corrosive gases, do not measure likely to produce reaction mixture (hydrogen and oxygen). These gases can explode in the counter. Measure these gases need to contact the manufacturer for more information.

4, There is no high pressure relief devices (such as diffusers) not compressed air sampling, all the counters are designed to operate at atmospheric pressure. The working position of the instrument and the sample should be at the same pressureand the same temperature and humidity conditions, ensure the instrument works.

5, Water, solution or other liquids can enter from the inlet tube sensors.

6, Particle counters used primarily to test clean room clean environment, when theplace have loose particles of material, dust sources, when spraying shall be maintained at least at least 12 inches away from the inlet tube. And up to avoid particlescontamination sensor and pipe.

7, When sampling to avoid sampling of gases discharged from the counter itself contaminated gas.

8, When connecting an external printer or connect an external temperature and humidity sensor, first turn off the counters; when a print operation is executed, shall be printed on the printer, otherwise it will damage the print head.

9, In the handling, light should be moved with care, less subject to vibration and shock. Especially for particle counters with desktop and be careful to avoid damageto internal components.