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Basic definitions and characteristics of micro-filtration

Feb 10, 2017


Microfiltration is also called micro-filtration, is a porous membrane (microfiltrationmembrane) as filter media, under pressure from the 0.1~0.3MPa, retention solutions such as gravel, silt and clay particles and Giardia, hidden Brussel insects, algae,and some bacteria, and large quantities of solvents, small molecules and small molecules of solute can penetrate the membrane separation process.


Micro filter interception 0.1~1 micrometer particles, micro-filtration membrane allows molecules such as organic and inorganic salts by, but can stop suspended solids, bacteria, some viruses and large-scale colloidal from, microfiltration membrane on either side of the run differential (effective driver) is generally 0.7bar.

Belonging to precise filtration, has the characteristics of high efficiency, convenience and economy.