SDL-FD-20(with capping type)For food

SDL-FD-20(with capping type)For food
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Vacuum freeze drying is the removal of water or other solvents from the frozen samples. During the whole drying process, the sample is in liquid state and the temperature is generally lower than -10. The purpose of vacuum freeze drying is to restore the original characteristics of the sample after rehydration.

Because the drying process is carried out at low temperature, it can be used for some materials such as proteins, which are easy to be denatured at high temperature, and can ensure that the properties of other compounds will not change.

Most of the biological products, such as tissues, tissue extracts, bacteria, vaccines and serum, were changed into dry samples by vacuum freeze-drying. Vacuum freeze drying is the most gentle process to preserve the biochemical properties of sensitive tissue or other tissues. It is also the best method for drying inorganic materials, such as nano particles, because the surface area of particles is almost unchanged.


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