Production Fruit Lyophilizer for sale

Vacuum technology is currently the most advanced technology for food dehydration processing in the world. Compared with the commonly used drying method...

Product Details

Features and Benefits:  
         1. Touch screen display, PID function adjust
         2. Compound refrigeration technology, less frozen dry 
             time. Large freezing and water capture capacity. 
         3. The material is 304 stainless steel, to keep anti-
             corrosion, strong and easy to clean.
         4. The drying chamber's door is made of high 
             transparent and colorless transparent organic glass

             and can be clearly observed during operation.
         5. Optional for in situ pre freezing, the automation 
             from vacuum to dry achieved to reducing the                         complex operation in the drying process.
         6. Optional temperature recorder, the adjustable 
             temperature record point and real-time monitoring
         7. Optional eutectic point test device, and automatic 
             pressure plug device.

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