industrial Vacuum Freeze Drying

it is Vegetable fruits laboratory food machine

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1.Patented products with advanced technology.

2.The products are beautiful and fashionable and the dimension is small.

3.Operate on touch screen, one key start and automatical control freeze-drying process, easy and convenient operation.

4.Set and real-timely adjust freeze-drying technology by requirement and show the freeze-drying data and curve.

5.The imported key components are characterzied by low noise, great power, high quality and high performance.

6.Advanced system, small running current and low energy consumption.

7.Dish and inner tank are made of SUS304 stainless steel, which guarantees the safety of product.

8.Fast defrosting technique and automatic protection for overheat.

9.The transparent organic glass door is helpful in observing the freeze-drying process of materials.

Our manufacturing factory is in Changchun city of Jilin Province, China. .We can design and manufacture, install the whole production line .

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